5 Ways To Get More Self Belief"> 5 Ways To Get More Self Belief">

5 Ways To Get More Self Belief


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How Do You Get More Self Belief?

Today I'm asking the question, what do you do if you're suffering from a lack of self belief?

This is something which happens to everybody at some point in their lives.

It probably stems back from when we're younger, when we're growing up and maybe our parents and our teachers might have said to us, "don't be silly, you can't possibly be that ballerina or that astronaut", or whatever it is we aspired to be.

Of course, they had our best interests at heart. They were trying to protect us when they told us that we wouldn't be able to do that.

The problem is that we then grow up with an attitude and mindset that we're not going to be able to achieve our goals and our dreams and that we're not good enough.

We have that lack of self belief going forward then throughout our lives.

So, what can we do about that?

5 Steps

1. Ask Yourself, "What Might Happen?"

There are several things and firstly, I would say, ask yourself, if you do attempt to do whatever it is that you're wanting to do, what is the worst thing that could happen? 

  • Maybe you won't achieve it? 

Yeah, maybe you won't, but maybe you actually WILL achieve it, and is it really worth not attempting something just in case you fail?  Failure is actually a massive part of success. No-one has had great success without failing, usually several times, along the way.

2. Stop thinking or wondering what other people think and just do it. 

There's a great saying,

"whatever other people think of you is none of your business".

It really isn't and the chances are they're not thinking that anyway.

If you think people may laugh at you, yes its possible, but actually they usually don't. Normally it's all just in our own minds!

3. Create a Plan and Stick To It

Create a 30 day, and a 90 day plan. Start with the 90 day plan firstly and then break it down into monthly ones, then weekly and daily. If you know what you're going to be doing each day it creates self belief as it makes it much more achievable.

4. Commit to doing something every day

Don't just try something for a few days and then say, ah, it didn't work. Commit absolutely to at least 90 days. If you continuously do something for 90 days, you will establish a habit and you will have made some progress. Commit to doing something every single day towards achieving your goal.  Your self belief will increase.

5. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Yeah, you're going to feel afraid. Feel the fear. Do it anyway. Work through it. Fear is something which everybody suffers with and it's just false evidence appearing real. Most of the time it's not real, it's just something we tell ourselves. So, just work hard to push through it and remember that you're not the only person to feel like this.

Everyone feels fear

Everybody feels fear at some point in their lives, even the most successful people.

I can tell you a secret. Some incredibly successful people have told me that they still suffer from a lack of self belief at times even though they may have achieved everything or almost everything that they wanted to.

So, accept it's normal. Decide to work through it. To push through it. To feel the fear. To do it anyway. Stick to a plan and just work towards your goal. Don't let a lack of self esteem stop you. Please don't.

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