Is It Better To be Optimistic Or Pessimistic?"> Is It Better To be Optimistic Or Pessimistic?">

Is It Better To be Optimistic Or Pessimistic?


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Is It All Hype?

Are you sick of all the hype and everything that you hear about being positive?  Positive thinking, the power of positive thinking, is it all just mumbo jumbo?

Well, if you're a pessimist and you think it is, it's good news for you because studies apparently have found, (and this is according to Tony Robbins), that pessimists are apparently a lot more realistic!


Tony Robbins is, of course, a great inspirational, motivational coach and life coach and in the video I'm talking about he explains how pessimists are more likely to be right when you give them certain tests. When pessimists are asked how things in general in their life are going right now they're very likely to get it right.

Optimists, on the other hand, are much more likely to overestimate how well they're doing and think they're actually doing better than they are. 

So well done pessimists.

The Bad News

The bad news, however, is that pessimists are actually not very likely to achieve goals and dreams that they otherwise might because they see them as being highly unachievable.

Because they're right about how things are going for them at the moment, they're not likely to even try and achieve certain goals because they think, "Well, obviously, that's not possible. I'm not even going to attempt it because I know I'm going to fail," and that's exactly what happens.

Optimism wins 

Optimists, on the other hand, because they believe they're actually doing better than they are,  keep going, and if things don't go too well for them, they remain optimistic. They think, "Well, I'm doing okay though," and they just keep plugging at it, and they keep going.

They keep being optimistic, and they keep showing up day after day. They're a lot more likely to actually achieve their goals and dreams and so it is good news, in the end, for optimists.

But pessimists, yeah, you're definitely more realistic, and you know where you are at the moment and you're right.

Food for thought.

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