Are You An Amateur Or A Pro?"> Are You An Amateur Or A Pro?">

Are You An Amateur Or A Pro?


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Amateur Or Pro?

Are you being a professional or an amateur in your business?

And heck, what's the difference?

Basically, A professional is in it for the long haul.

They don't need instant gratification.

The amateur expects results straight away, and when that doesn't happen, they get discouraged.

  • A professional still has doubts.
  • They DO feel a little discouraged at times.
  • But they do it anyway. They push through.
  • They feel the fear and the doubts. But they don't let it stop them.
  • They show up day after day.
  • They're consistent.

An amateur, however, when the doubts set in, if they're not getting instant results, they let it paralyze them.

They might not do any work that day. They might not do any work for the week.

Their own self doubts limit them.

There's a really cool book by Steven Pressfield called The War of Art.

In it he says,

"the professional masters the how, and leaves the what and why to the gods".

An amateur on the other hand is obsessed with the details.

They devour and they want to know all the in's and out's, (which is good), but they will spend hours and hours doing the training without actually doing the work.

They'll use it as an excuse not to do the work because they'll say, "well I need to learn a bit more. I haven't learned enough yet".

Daily Action

  • The professional knows that they need to take action every day.
  • A professional accepts no excuses.
  • They will be there day after day no matter how they feel.
  • They won't let anything stop them.

An amateur will let anything stop them basically.

And continue to make excuses.

They might work really hard for a day, a week, heck maybe even a month.

Then they might take a week or a month or two off and not do anything.

Which one are you?

Are You being a Professional or an amateur?

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