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Custom Thumbnail For Youtube Videos


How To Create Thumbnails For Youtube Videos

I am often asked how to make custom thumbnails for youtube videos, so I thought I would do a quick screen share to show you how.

As you are probably aware it is possible to create your own thumbnail for your youtube videos and upload them.

The best and easiest way that I know is by using a fantastic free tool called canva at

In canva you can create posts for all your social media platforms and I show you how to create a branded quote here.

No need to worry about getting the correct size for your youtube thumbnail as the correct size is already preloaded in canva if you just select youtube thumbnail as shown in the above video.

Background and Text

You have the flexibilty to choose your own background from a range of photos and textured backgrounds already there for you in canva or you may upload your own.

There are a range of pre-set fonts for you to choose when adding text to your image and you may choose not only the font, but the size and colour also.

You can even adjust the spacing between the lettering and the line spacing as you wish.

There is also the ability to change the transparency.

Logo and Call To Action

There is the flexibility to upload your own logos or any icons that you may have or you can choose from a variety of free icons, shapes and much more already there for the choosing on Canva.

I actually cannot believe this wonderful tool is still free and I use it all of the time!

It is ideal for creating your own logos, social media headers and much, much, more also.

Go check it out at and have a play around with it.

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