It's Never Too Late to Make New Choices"> It's Never Too Late to Make New Choices">

It's Never Too Late to Make New Choices


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Making Choices

Is it Ever Too Late To Make New Choices?

Have you ever looked back to a time in your life and wished you had done something differently, or you wish you'd made a different choice?

I'm sure you have - I know I certainly have.

Our whole lives are made up of a series of choices; we make them each minute, each hour, day, week, month and so on, and our lives are shaped by these choices.

It's so easy to look back and wonder what might have happened if we had done things differently; maybe our lives would have been better, and maybe they wouldn't?

The thing is that no matter what choices we have made in the past they cannot be undone, and it is only in the NOW that our future can be shaped, and that is decided by the choices that we make NOW in the present moment.

Sometimes people need help; if someone is in a really bad situation - maybe they need therapy or counselling for some trauma, then they can make a decision now to get the help needed.

If the situation is not as serious as that but you know you have a decision to make that will improve your life then it is your choice to make that decision.

Why We Don't Make Decisions

Maybe you are struggling with your health and you know you need to get fitter or eat more healthily; maybe a relationship is desperately in need of improving - or even leaving, maybe you desperately want to change your job, career, or improve your business?

  • Sometimes we don't make an empowering decision because of a lack of courage
  • sometimes it is a lack of clarity - we don't know exactly what it is that we want
  • sometimes it is a matter of productivity levels, - we are just not doing what we know we need to do or we lack direction.

Most people do not make empowering decisions because they become paralysed by FEAR, and they allow this to stop them from following their dreams, desires, and goals.

Many people die never having chased their dreams. They don't realise that they are powerful creators, and that we are here to live the best life we possibly can, and not to hide ourselves away in a bubble of fear.

What is the worst thing that could happen if we follow our dream?

What is the BEST thing that can happen?

How will you feel if in 10 years time or 20 years you are still in the same situation simply because you lacked the clarity, the courage or the direction to take action; to make a decision which could change the shape of your future?

I urge you, my friends - don't let fear stop you!

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