Letting Fear Control Your Life



Why Are We So Afraid?

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Why do we so often feel afraid when we really want to do something when we often know it will ultimately be beneficial for us?

I'm not talking about real fear like when your life is in danger or that of a loved one - the FEAR I'm talking about here is the perceived fear so many people have when they want to do something to improve their lives which may take them out of their comfort zone.

One of the main reasons for the fear most people feel is that they fear "loss pain".


 What Is Loss Pain?

An example of loss pain could be if someone wants to lose weight they may fear the pain of not being able to eat their favourite foods any more, and they tend to focus on the loss rather than focusing on the positive outcomes that losing weight will bring.

They may also fear that they will not have sufficient willpower to lose the weight or that they may regain it again even if they do manage to lose it.

If they were to focus more on the positives and the things they would gain by losing the weight; such as being able to get into the type of clothes they want to wear and feeling healthier and having more energy, then they would be far more likely to achieve their goal.

The same goes for giving up smoking or drinking. The social aspect may play a part also as they fear they will miss their smoking breaks, or socialising at the pub. They don't focus on the health benefits such as no longer waking up with a cough or a hangover.

Ultimately the social benefits could vastly improve if they take up new hobbies and gain new interests, friends & acquaintances along the way.

Letting fear control your life also applies sometimes when people think about starting a business. They may fear the 'loss pain' of giving up their jobs and income, or they may think people will laugh at them or that they may fail.

Focus On The Positive

Start your business part time so you don't have to give up your job until you can afford to. Yes it's going to take hard work but think about your goals that you want to achieve.

Do you want things for yourself? Financial freedom? To be able to do things with and for your family? To donate to your favourite charity and do good in the world? Y

Yes of course it is possible that some people may laugh at you along the way - but most people who really care about you won't!

Are you going to let that 1% of people who you probably don't really want as friends deny you your dreams??

Yes you may have failures along the way - You know what?  -  MOST people do!! Some of the most successful people in history EVER failed many times before achieving their goals.

If your goals are BIG enough and they mean enough to you they're worth the effort and self sacrifice.


Ultimately letting fear control your life is a waste of a life.

Most of the time the fear is without grounds and as they say; most people on their death beds only regret the things they did not do and not the things that they did.

Don't be that person!

 Live life to the full!!     


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