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Overcome Negative Self-beliefs Now

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The Power Of Our Beliefs

If I were to ask you what are some of the beliefs that you hold about yourself,  I wonder how many you could come up with? Even more to the point, how many of these beliefs which you hold about yourself do you actually KNOW to be true?

"Change your thoughts, Change your beliefs, Change your life".

Apart from beliefs which have been indoctrinated within us since childhood due to our family’s religion or culture or whatever, - most beliefs we hold as adults are simply thoughts which we tell ourselves over and over again - until they become so deeply rooted within us that we believe them to be true. 

But just because we tell ourselves something over and over each day are those thoughts and ultimately beliefs always true?  And are they kind and loving ones?

 What kind of things do we say to ourselves out of the 50 – 70,000 thoughts we all have each day? Are they empowering thoughts? – Well, interestingly, it seems not. Apparently on average a whopping 70% of these 50 – 70,000 thoughts we have each day are actually negative ones.

 That’s a pretty scary thought, isn't it?.

Everything Is Connected

There’s been much discussion about which comes first, our feeling and emotions or our thoughts, but what IS true is that they are both very strongly connected, so it stands to reason therefore that the things we think about and tell ourselves on a daily basis are actually pretty powerful things.

Have a think for just a moment about some of your beliefs you hold about yourself? You know you are ‘good’ at some things for instance, but you probably believe that you are not ‘good’ at others. You may believe that you are unattractive because you are overweight or have a blemish on your skin.

Yet these things are simply not true.

None of us has a perfect figure or body,  yet we know that what one person loves or finds attractive about someone, another person doesn’t.

If you think you’re ‘not good’ at something again it’s often (not always I know), but often its something that we either haven’t even tried or something that we ‘could’ become good at if we really wanted to. We may have been told by someone else that we are not good at something and so we ‘learn’ this belief about ourselves – yet it may not be true.

So, If a belief is simply a thought we tell ourselves over and over again until we believe it to be true, it stands to reason therefore that with practice over time we can also ‘unlearn’ these negative beliefs and begin to change them if we know they are not serving us.

Un-Learning Negative Beliefs

There are simple techniques we can use, many of which only take up a few minutes of our busy day, yet by applying them they have the power to change our lives.

Because the negative thoughts and beliefs we hold about ourselves can often lead to worry, anxiety, and self-condemnation, these can have an impact on our whole lives; our relationships, careers, and most importantly our own self-esteem.

9 Proven Techniques

There are  9 quick, proven techniques for learning how to change the paradigm and live a more empowered life with empowering beliefs which I’d love to show you. Doing these simple things can ultimately bring more joy and self-love into your life, and they have the power to change your relationships, your career and your whole life for the better.

If you think you don’t really need this I guarantee if you put just 3 of these techniques into practice in your daily life you will see positive changes.

 You can pick and choose which things resonate with you the most and which will fit into your lifestyle the best.

"Change your thoughts, Change your beliefs, Change your life".