NEVER Give Away Your Power

NEVER Give Away Your Power

Respect people but NEVER give away your power to another who you perceive to be ‘better’ in some way than you.

 You give away your power WHEN:

  • You allow yourself to feel ‘put down’ by someone
  • You ‘react’ to something someone says or you feel the need to defend yourself
  • You give someone too much respect just because they have more of something than you; be it money, authority, or just followers on social media
  • You feel ‘obligated’ to say yes when you don’t really want to.
  • You decide to ‘settle’ for something because you are afraid of the alternative and you feel the need to ‘fit in.’
  • You do not GIVE YOURSELF the respect you deserve.


You are Powerful Beyond Measure

Sometimes we have not been taught from an early age just how wonderful we really are. We may be told "not to be so stupid", that we are "not good enough", or "who do we think we are!".

We learn from an early age the perceived 'value' of 'fitting in' because being different causes us to be ridiculed.

We may even go along with other people's points of view and opinions rather than voice our own.

We learn that in order to be a 'good person' we must sacrifice our own wants and desires to please those of others.

Eventually, we give away much of our power to other people or society in general.

We then wonder many years later why we feel bereft, unhappy and often unworthy.

We may dislike or even hate ourselves.

Self Love

Usually, we are taught that self-love is being selfish.

Just cast your mind back to when you were taught this and by whom...

Wasn't it usually by someone who instead wanted you to do what THEY wanted you to do? Because what they wanted was more important than what you wanted...

I am certainly not saying that we should not respect others or that we should be selfish. 

I AM saying that we should AT THE VERY LEAST afford ourselves the same respect we show to others, if not more.

If we do not value ourselves then how can we expect others to value and respect us?

If our own opinions and desires are of no consequence or value to us then why should other people see us or value us any differently.

We must CHOOSE to LOVE ourselves first and foremost and this means realising just how powerful and worthy we are and by learning NEVER to give away your power to others.


If you find you often have negative self beliefs you may find it helpful to download my '9 Steps to Changing the Paradigm' PDF