Overwhelm In Your Business"> Overwhelm In Your Business">

Overwhelm In Your Business


What To Do When You're Feeling Overwhelmed

Are you suffering from overwhelm in your business?

After all, it's very easy to find yourself in this situation, isn't it?

You've got your own other personal commitments. You may have family commitments too, maybe you've got another job as well, and you're also trying to run a business.

Sometimes you feel as though that you're not getting anything done at all. There's so much in your head that you want to do that you end up running around chasing your own tail and doing practically nothing.

Routine, routine, routine

Routines are the answer. Years ago I ran 2 successful businesses as well as having 5 children at home. I look back sometimes and wonder how I coped. Other people ask me how on earth I coped. Sometimes I say I don't know.

Then I stop and say, "Actually I DO know". It was all about having great routines.

If I hadn't had those I would have been toast! Nothing would have got done and I would have collapsed under the strain.

Stop The Overwhelm

So, you've got to have a routine, you've got to just stop the overwhelm, otherwise you're just not going to be productive at all.

This means stopping doing things as well as starting to do things.


  • Stop checking your phone.
  • Stop constantly scrolling through Facebook and checking your emails every two minutes.

Be disciplined about this, and don't check your phone first thing when you get out of bed.

Have set times in the day, set aside maybe 10 or 15 minutes two or three times a day, when you allow yourself to check your phone and answer your messages, but be disciplined about this.

Put your phone away.

Do not look at it all the time.


Know exactly what you're going to do the next day.

In the evening when you get a little bit of spare time, plan out your day, preferably, plan out your week, maybe on a Sunday or whatever day is best for you.

Try to plan out your whole week so that you know every day when you get up in the morning exactly what you're going to do.

If you don't plan then you don't know what to do first; you think, maybe I'll start doing such a thing, and then you start it, and then you get distracted, and oh, maybe I'll do something else, and then before you know where you are, your day's gone or your evening's gone, and you've done nothing truly useful at all.

Stick to one strategy at a time.

No Such Thing As Multi-tasking

We think we can multi-task, and yes I used to think I was the queen of multi-tasking, but it's just not true.

It's been proven we can ONLY concentrate on one thing clearly at a time.

Don't start posting on Facebook, nip over to Twitter, go on to Instagram, try and do a blog post, start contacting people, and so on and on and on.

When we try and split ourselves into lots of fragments we end up being totally fragmented and doing nothing well at all.

So, be disciplined, don't keep checking your phone, plan ahead what you're going to do with each day, and concentrate on one strategy at a time.

If you need any help with your planning and marketing, please reach out to me. I have some excellent planning sheets and trainings available.

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