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Book Your Success Principles Workshop in 2018


Booking before the end of April, an extremely limited number of people/organisations will get their chance to receive a life-changing workshop based on one or more of the Canfield Success Principles at a discounted rate.

Half day or Full Day workshops or 1 hour keynote speech available.

Whatever your industry; your team, company, or group will enjoy a life changing experience.

Most popular is the half day workshop based on the principle E + R = O, ultimately how to take RESPONSIBILITY for everything that happens in your life.

If you don't like what is showing up so far only YOU can change it.

Interactive and fun exercises,  designed to empower and educate are incorporated into the workshops and have been taught to Carole by the highly renowned, famous and inspiring author of the best selling book "The Success Principles" himself.


Limited Dates Available:

Tailor made for your group/organisation/team/school

Suitable for most age groups and environments the workshops are delivered appropriately to the environment/demographics etc of the target audience.

To take advantage of the special offer discount take action now before the 30th April.

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